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Town of Logy Bay, Middle Cove, Outer Cove
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As Mayor of the Town of Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove, I wish to welcome each of you who are visiting or moving to our Town.  The Town is known for its hospitality, beautiful beaches, lookout sites and scenic coastal trails.  You will find a better part of our Town at the Festival of Friends Folk Festival held every August at Kelly Park, Outer Cove.  Why not have your family jion our families for a wonderful day of music and friends.  Don't forget to drop in the Town Museum where you can discover a little of our history and why we are so proud of our community!

John Kennedy, Mayor

Seeking Community Input:

In relation to the Recreation Master Plan, Tract Consulting Inc. are currently seeking input on recreation within the Town.  Please click the survey link below to participate:

The deadline is June 30, 2015.

News / Announcements
Update June 18, 2015 --> Tract Consulting Inc. are seeking input on recreation within the Town. Click the Recreation & Special Events link to participate in an important survey.